Art by Chiz
Art by Chiz

Chiz at Manzanar
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Poston, Arizona Japanese American internment camp paintings

Camp Days 1942-1945: Childhood Memories of Chizuko de Queiroz

"This collection of paintings by the gifted artist, Chizuko Judy Sugita de Queiroz, is her memoir in art of her girlhood years imprisoned in [an internment] camp called Poston in the desolation of a desert in Arizona... Chizuko's art is a powerful narrative of a shameful event in our history. It is also an evocative personal chronicle of the survival of a loving and resilient family."

George Takei -excerpt from his introduction to the book Camp Days 1942-1945

Chiz in the Orange County Register

Interview, Photo Gallery, & Video
Remembering V-J Day, Poston, & Chiz's Father
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